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Armed Forces Ranks

Armed Forces Ranks

Cadet Forms (General)

The following forms are required to be signed and completed each year for all cadets in order to fully participate in NJROTC activities:

In addition to these forms, cadets must complete a yearly physical (forms available in front office) in order to compete at drill competitions, physical fitness tests and any NJROTC events outside of school.

Syllabus NS1
Syllabus – NS I PDF
Syllabus NS2
Syllabus – NS II PDF

Forms by Competition

Drill Meet Schedule:

Updated 2021 Drill Cards from the Nationals Drill Website.

Unarmed Basic Card:
Unarmed Basic Card

Armed Basic Card:
Armed Basic Card

Color Guard:
Color Guard Card

Rifle Meet Schedule:

Sprayberry Athletics
Website Link

Rifle team meet
Rifle team meet
Rifle team meet
Rifle team meet

Indemnity Form (for all cadets in Orienteering):
Indemnity Form

Control Point Description Quiz as of Aug 2019:
Site Link

Georgia Orienteering Club as of August 2021:
Site Link

Sprayberry NJROTC’s Orienteering Team will compete throughout the school year.
Check later for meet times.

DEPARTURE TIME: 8:00 A.M. from lower front parking lot at Sprayberry High School.
RETURN TIME: 5:00 P.M. same location.
All events offer beginner instruction between 10:30am and 11:30am.
Start times from 11:00am to 1:00pm (typically).
Time Limit: 3 hours or 3:00pm, whichever is earlier.
SUPERVISION: CDR Spens will supervise our team up to 15 cadets.
PURPOSE: The opportunity to meet and compete with other NJROTC orienteering teams in an effort to qualify for the National Orienteering Championship.
COST: Variable but meals usually provided.
UNIFORM: Cadets should wear unit pt shirt with long pants or pt shorts with long socks and running or trail shoes.
QUESTIONS: Contact CDR Spens at 678-783-3687

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